In Theatres: The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin: a brilliant comical twist on the events following Stalin’s death in 1953—an era filled with underhanded politics. A struggle for power ensues between the members of the Soviet committee after the Vozhd passes away (in his own, ehem, fluids).

Iannucci succeeds in crafting an incredibly clever, witty and hysterical script—and most importantly, his uproarious lines are delivered by an unequaled cast. The film’s long list of accomplished actors include: Jeffrey Tambor as a shortsighted Malenkov, Steve Buscemi as a neurotic and cunning Khrushchev, and Michael Palin, taking on the role of Molotov. Simon Russell Beale steals the show with his terrifying, almost evil, portrayal of Baria. Their chemistry was seamless, and their comical portrayal of these unprincipled men awoke memories of the periods of dark and surreal humour known in 1970-1980 television and cinema.

The history is inaccurate, and the characters are ridiculous (as they should be). It’s a political satire at its best! Iannucci proves himself to be an expert at absurdly portraying political struggles on the screen. Brilliant, and entertaining! To see in theatres.

The film is currently showing at Cinéma Forum, Du Parc and Beaubien.


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