Montréal Tea House: Ming Tao Xuan

This quaint tea house located in Old Montreal (near the Basilique Notre Dame) is a hidden gem… You walk in, and you immediately stumble on a variety of beautiful tea cup sets and accessories. There are beautiful dark wooden tables and a decor that is elaborately designed to give it a warm, yet luxurious ambiance. Behind the counter, you will find the friendliest people and a variety of teas I haven’t seen anywhere else―some have very interesting historical ties; some were served to emperors, some are named after gods and goddesses. If you like good quality tea, it’s the place for you! They have a variety of pu’er, oolong, green teas, black teas of top quality. They also have a small menu displaying some traditional snacks paired with tea. I tried the variety of cookies―they had some with matcha, some with chocolate, and they were to die for.

I recommend sitting down and having tea on the spot. The server will show you how to warm your teapot and cup and how much tea to put each time. If you love tea, or if you’re up to learn about it, I would recommend giving Ming Tao Xuan a shot!


451 St Sulpice St, Montreal, QC H2Y 2V8

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