Goings On: Week of January 8th

The holidays are officially over, and we can now all return to our daily routines…For us it means attending great events in Montreal. Here is what is happening in Montreal this week!

Wednesday, January 10th

The Room, at Cinéma du Parc, 21h45, 16$ to 21$; known as the worst movie of all time


Godard’s La Chinoise at the Cinématheque Québecoise, 21h; Dark comedy about students that have aligned with Maoist ideals


Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony, playing at the Maison Symphonique de Montréal, 20h, starting at 45$


Thursday, January 11th

Cinéspectacle: Le Corsaire at Cinéma du Parc, 18h30 (also playing this Saturday at noon); Ballet performed at the Opéra de Paris


National Theatre Live: Follies at Cinéma Cineplex Forum, 19h; Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical


Friday, January 12th

Double Feature: Wolfcop + Another Wolf Cop at Cinéma du Parc, 20h for 20$; A Canadian horror-comedy film


Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival: La Petite Fille Qui Aimait Trop Les Allumettes at Centre Phi, 18h, from 7.50$ to 11.75$


Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival: Adventures in Public School at Centre Phi, 21h, from 7.50$ to 11.75$


Cinéma Muet en Musique with piano accompaniment, at the Cinématheque Québecoise, 19h


Saturday, January 13th

Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival: Ava at Centre Phi, 21h, from 7.50$ to 11.75$


Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival: Les Affamés at Centre Phi, 18h30, from 7.50$ to 11.75$


The Opera House at Cinéma Cineplex Forum, 12h55; A film by Susan Froemke that “surveys a remarkable period of the Metropolitan Opera’s rich history and a time of great change for New York.”.


Sunday, January 14th

La Guerre des Tuques at the Cinématheque Québecoise , 15h (or at Theatre Outremont at 11h); A Québec winter cult film


Movie Theatre Suggestions: Au Revoir Là-Haut, Visages Villages, Paddington 2, The Square and Wonder Wheel are now playing at Dollar Cinema

To Catch at the Theatre: Enfant Insignifiant!

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