New York City Discovery: Contra

On Orchard Street in New York City’s Lower East Side stands a chic but casual New American restaurant: Contra. The inventive tasting menu is fixed, but it changes often and the wine pairing is available for only an extra 60$ USD (and I highly recommend it).

The ambiance is warm, the restaurant is trendy, the staff is passionate, and more importantly the food is divine. The tasing menu blew my mind―not only is it visionary, but it also oozes nostalgia. We’ve all tasted a beefsteak tomato before, but when biting into the tomato dish for the first time, I was transported into another world! The wine pairing was perfectly matched with all the dishes and added to my pleasurable gastronomic experience.

Run, don’t walk! For a modest sum, you will get a lovely evening in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, with great food and great drinks.


A better and more complete review:

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