The Perfect Café in Montréal: Ferlucci

For years and years I have been on a quest to finding the *perfect café*; one that would harbor the world’s most interesting people, one where the espressos could cure my depressos, one where the decor alone could inspire me to be creative…And I’ve finally found it! Ferlucci Café, situated in Villeray, is the most charming of all italian cafés. The first time I walked in, I fell in love. Popular culture memorabilia fill up their walls―an Audrey Tautou picture, a Tintin calendar, a growing collection of VHS classics, and vintage cameras. On top of that, they used to sell the best cannolis in Montréal, but sadly they aren’t featured on their menu anymore (sorry, kids).

Boasting with interesting people, it might be the Café de Flore of Montreal. Cineastes, writers, and poets seem to all hang out in this dainty little place. Whenever I am there, I can barely get any work done because I can’t help but listen to all the fascinating conversations going on around me.

My favourite thing on the menu is the bagel with cream cheese. So simple, yet it’s always perfectly done.  Their coffee is rich and incredibly deep. They also offer a nutellate (we all know that nutella is good in any form it takes).

What makes me come back again and again is the general ambiance: there’s always a movie playing on their television―you walk in and there’s The Royal Tenenbaums, or Mean Girls playing―it’s always a blast to look up and find your favourite film that you forgot about playing. More importantly, the staff is always lovely, they welcome everyone with a smile!

Ferlucci feels “homey” as much as it feels sophisticated.  There, my creative juices have no bounds. A Ferlucci espresso can truly cure any creative ”blocks”…

***Here are some of my favourite shots taken by Instagram users:


By: cassvacca


By: petite_garconne


By: patriciaeatsfood


By: aliciawaid


By: landrychloe

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