The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Yorgos Lanthimos strikes again! His brilliant new feature The Killing of a Sacred Deer was as disturbing as it was intriguing. Lanthimos seems to have the strange power to draw the life and soul out of any human he depicts on the screen--especially when they are placed in extremely agonizing circumstances. It becomes quite hard for… Continue reading The Killing of a Sacred Deer


Academy Away Predictions 2018

Selecting my favourites for this year proved to be a difficult task―I liked all the films that I saw, but didn't really fall in love with any of them. They didn't have the same effect on me as La La Land did in 2016, or as The Grand Budapest Hotel did in 2014, or Midnight in Paris… Continue reading Academy Away Predictions 2018

Cinéma Forum: The Lobster

The Lobster―an original masterpiece! There is a profound truth that lies within its vision, style, concept and language. It is layered, surreal, comical and visually pleasing. Lanthimos' world looks and sounds like ours, but is different (as if it was a suspended reality, close to our own, but far away at the same time). The absurdities present in… Continue reading Cinéma Forum: The Lobster

The Square

Winner of the 2017 Palme D'Or, The Square assembles a great deal of satirical storylines all revolving around Christian—an art curator of a famous modern art museum in Stockholm. The Swedish film is a bit absurd, introspective and  very pleasing to the eye. The production design and cinematography are neat and elegant, making the picture exquisite.… Continue reading The Square

Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams shine in this delightful and beautiful film. Being bored at home during the holidays, we decided to watch this little gem, and what a good decision it was! Charming and cheerful, Julie and Julia both learn how to cook french food; boning ducks, making boeuf bourguignons, and revelling in the… Continue reading Julie & Julia

The Best Movies for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is perfect for spending some time at home (away from the hastiness of city-life) in the company of family, friends and loved ones. And just as you, the weekly GOINGS ON  are on vacation until the week of January 1st! Instead, a list of our favourite films to watch during the holidays!… Continue reading The Best Movies for the Holiday Season

Armando Iannucci: The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin: a brilliant comical twist on the events following Stalin's death in 1953—an era filled with underhanded politics. A struggle for power ensues between the members of the Soviet committee after the Vozhd passes away (in his own, ehem, fluids). Iannucci succeeds in crafting an incredibly clever, witty and hysterical script—and most… Continue reading Armando Iannucci: The Death of Stalin