Idleness: Texts of Quiet Desperation

H/span>ere are some texts that perfectly describe the entrance into my twenties. Written a little over three years ago, I have one thing to say: It gets better. Here is a written portrait of an anxious woman.   April 2016 12th: I am the sisters from Chekhov's play. 15th: Art, in its many forms, builds a world… Continue reading Idleness: Texts of Quiet Desperation

Cultural Essay: The Ted Bundy Tapes

On January 24th 2019, exactly 30 years after infamous serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution, Netflix released “Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes”, a four-part documentary that draws on more than 100 hours of conversation with the convicted killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile. A suitable addition to the true-crime genre, the docu-series uncovers journalists… Continue reading Cultural Essay: The Ted Bundy Tapes

The Best Movies for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is perfect for spending some time at home (away from the hastiness of city-life) in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Flâneurs need to rest too...And just as you, the weekly GOINGS ON  are on vacation until the week of January 1st! Instead, a list of our favourite films to… Continue reading The Best Movies for the Holiday Season