The Best Live Musical Theatre Performances

Don't you always feel like curling up in bed and binge-watching musical theatre performances? I do...In fact, I do it very often, and I always start with these 10 videos. Let me be your gateway to the ''extra'' side of YouTube... Rose's Turn Patti LuPone from Gypsy  Patti LuPone or Bernadette Peters? Both versions… Continue reading The Best Live Musical Theatre Performances


“Merci D’Avoir Été Ma Mère”

Written and performed by Yvon Aucoin, "Merci D'Avoir Été Ma Mère" was a poignant and touching play depicting his mother’s extensive fight with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Directed by Martin Mercier and performed at the Theatre de L'Esquisse, the play was immersive, raw and emotional. After his mother's death, Aucoin felt an urge to recollect… Continue reading “Merci D’Avoir Été Ma Mère”

McGill’s ”In the Next Room”

Sarah Ruhl’s “In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play)” is about electric connection, both metaphorically and literally. Following the invention of electricity in the Victorian era, Dr. Givings is a scientist who uses vibrators as a treatment for people with hysteria. Meanwhile, he refuses to treat his wife, who longs to feel closeness with… Continue reading McGill’s ”In the Next Room”