Food Travelling: New York City

New York City; the big apple, the city that never sleeps, and the city of insane culinary delights! All cuisines are found at their absolute best! I found myself travelling to New York City for 3 days, and decided to make the best of it by eating at the best restaurants...Here are my findings! Danji, 346… Continue reading Food Travelling: New York City


Food Travelling: Paris

Paris is celebrated for its legendary gastronomy, rightfully so. While travelling to Paris for a little less than two weeks, I sure did eat very well! It seems that Parisians do the classics better than anyone else—steak and fries, roasts, croissants, pastries, bread, cheese, and most importantly, wine—all seem to taste better while in the… Continue reading Food Travelling: Paris

Photo Album: Montreal

Montreal takes part in the "elite group" of being one the most beautiful cities in the world.  Last summer, I took out my Canon AE-1 for the very first time with the purpose of transferring this beauty onto film. Montreal's beauty lies in its cultural density, in its dwellers, in its infrastructure and in its… Continue reading Photo Album: Montreal